Welcome to the UK Ethnic Survey

Welcome to the UK Ethnic Survey, and thank you for coming to our site for the chance to make your voice heard.

This survey is specifically designed to gauge exactly what the UK's ethnic population are really thinking.

You may have seen the advert for this survey on television, in a newspaper or magazine or on a website. The advert you saw is part of the biggest ever advertising campaign aimed at the ethnic people living in the UK.

Your valuable answers will be used to improve the television channels you watch, the newspapers and magazines you read and the websites you visit.

As well as questions about the media you consume, UK Ethnic Survey will also look at the advertisers and companies that are looking to attract you as a consumer.

The UK Ethnic Survey also asks questions about race and the general experience of being an ethnic individual in the UK. This part of the survey will help take your voice further. And should reach, not only the company owners that want you to buy their products but also the politicians that want your support. This survey will help all of the people in power to understand the thoughts of ethnic people around the country.

Finally, the very last section of this survey is about ethnic stereotypes, some of you may find this section a little unpleasant, however these are not our views but simply stereotypes, which we are hoping this survey will go some way towards overcoming. Please complete this section, your opinions really do count.

If you wish for your voice to continue to be heard and your opinions to really matter, make sure you tick the verification box at the end of the survey, so we can have more of your valued input. There are a number of incentives and rewards for those that take part regularly.

The survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete, unless you have a lot to say!

So thank you for doing this and please, 'HAVE YOUR SAY'.

Anthony Greenidge

UK Ethnic Survey